Who Are We?

PSP stands for People, Systems and Process and our vision is to ensure that all three of these vital components of any business are truly integrated.  Today, when the very survival of your organisation can depend upon the information technology you choose to adopt, ensuring that your People, Systems and Processes are fully aligned is more important than it has ever been.

Our talented, experienced and engaging consultants will work alongside you, giving your organisation the benefit of their extensive, innovative experience to help you bring out the best in your organisation and meet, or exceed, your business goals.

Outsourced IT Management

Keeping up with the latest technological advances is a full time role and many organisations are choosing to outsource this function.  

We’ll take over the management of your technology and ensure that it’s delivering you the best value. 

Outsourced IT Management

Cyber Security Strategy & Support

Ensuring that your organisation is protected is more important  than it has ever been.

Outsourcing your cyber security strategy to us will give you access to a cyber security specialist at a fraction of the cost of an in-house specialist.

Cyber Security Strategy

Digital Strategy Creation and Implementation

"Digital" refers to the adoption of new technology to existing business activity. Organisations with the best economic performances have been quick to adopt new technologies and have invested in digital talent ahead of their competitors.  

We're passionate about digital technology and we'll help you to become digitally agile, ensuring that you're aware of what's available.  We'll explore improved ways of meeting your business goals and identify potential new markets using digital technology.

Digital Strategy
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